All pubic gatherings, including worship services, at Maple Avenue have been suspended.  Please see the latest notifications regarding church activities below. 

June 1, 2020

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May 9, 2020

Maple Avenue Family, 
I know that all of you are like me and truly miss gathering in worship each Sunday.  Last week our United Methodist Conference leadership issued a revised timeline for reopening the church for public gatherings.  As of now, we are projecting reopening public worship on June 28.  This date takes into account the Governor’s Stay-At-Home order for the elderly and medically fragile which is in effect until June 12.  Please know, these are projections.  Both the start date for church and the Governor’s order may change if conditions change.  
Our church council has formed a small team to develop a plan for reopening.  Until there is a viable treatment for COVID-19 we will all continue to be at risk for sharing and contracting the virus when we gather.  The church’s relaunch team is working to implement a plan that follows the guidelines of health officials and UMC conference leadership as well as Maple Avenue specific practices that will directly address the unique needs of our congregation.  While we all want to gather, we have a responsibility to each other to follow safe practices as a congregation to reduce the risk of exposing each other when we do gather.  
As these plans are developed, we will be sure to share more information with you. 
I continue to be grateful for each of you.  You have remained patient, generous and faithful as we have navigated these unprecedented times.  Know that you are all daily in our prayers.  As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  My cell phone number is 770-891-2578.
Stay Safe and be Faithful,

April 22, 2020 

Maple Avenue Family, 


I’m sure that most of you are aware of Governor Kemp’s new orders allowing certain businesses/organizations to reopen so long as they followed the CDC and DPH guidelines regarding distancing and cleaning.  While legally it may be okay to gather as a congregation, we continue to be encouraged to use our best judgement before doing so.  Additionally, our UMC conference leadership has encouraged all congregations to remain closed to public gatherings through May 13.  


For now, we will continue to remain closed to public gatherings at Maple Avenue UMC.  In the meantime, we will be closely listening to UMC conference leadership and their recommendations as well as other resources regarding possible dates to publicly gather for worship and other events.  Additionally, our congregation’s leadership and staff need time to discuss safety measures to implement before public gatherings resume.  


I realize that internet operations are not the ideal way to gather as a congregation.  However, I’m thankful for the resources we have at our disposal that have kept us together while we have been physically apart.  


I want to thank all of you for your faithfulness, generosity and patience during this time in all of our lives.  I wish that I could give you all an exact date when we can regather.  However, for the moment we will continue to remain closed until further notice to limit potential exposure to our congregation and community.  As always, if you need the staff please call or email us. 

March 12, 2020 

Maple Avenue Family, 

With each passing news cycle we learn more about how the CoV-19 virus is spreading and the affect that it is having on our society.  Over the past 48 hours church leaders and I have talked about what our response should be to the outbreak.  We all recognize the importance of faith in all times, but especially in times of uncertainty.  At the same time, we hear the urgings of medial and government leaders to strongly consider limiting large gatherings where this virus can spread more easily.  While we want to be a bold and faithful witness in these uncertain times, we also want to be careful to not contribute to making the situation worse. 
Yesterday evening I was made aware that our Bishop was appealing to all United Methodist congregations in our region to temporarily suspend worship services and large gatherings.  For the next two Sundays, Mar. 15 and Mar. 22, we will not have Sunday School or Worship.  Additionally, we are suspending all gatherings at the church for the following two weeks, and are asking that all external organizations using our space to do the same.  We will continue to monitor the outbreak and may adjust our plans according to how the situation unfolds.  During this time, the church offices will remain open and I will remain available to all of you if you need me. 
In the meantime, Travis and I are working to produce a devotional video that includes music, prayer and a message for the Sundays we will not be physically gathering for worship.  I will send out an additional message on Sunday with a link to the video and resources.
Some of you may be asking, what can I do? How can I help?  While we are trying to limit contact that does not mean we cease being the church.  I ask that you consider calling or texting with other members of our church family.  Pray with one another.  Pray for those who are sick and are directly affected by the virus, pray for medical personnel, pray for government leaders, pray for the church and its witness during this time.  Please, continue to give.  While we may not be gathering for physical worship, we are continuing to provide ministry to our community and beyond during this time.  You may drop off donations during the week during regular office hours or mail your donations to 63 Maple Avenue – Marietta, GA 30064.  Please, please, please remember to love your neighbor during this time.  I have witnessed first-hand the tension and the meanness in stores over the past few days.  It is an anxious time, but we can still be loving and kind to others.  Remember, we are truly all in this together.   Finally, please pay close attention to upcoming announcements from the church.  If we need to suspend additional activities, we will send out information in a timely manner so that you can plan your days accordingly.  
Know that you are loved.  The decisions that we are making are out of an abundance of caution in hopes that our actions will not further the spread of the virus.  I am praying for all of you.  Please be safe, but at the same time be faithful! 




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