In-Person Worship will resume on July 19 at 11 AM.  This date is tentative and is subject to change.  Those attending on July 19 must let us know they are coming and must abide by all the guidelines below.  All other indoor public gatherings will remain suspended until further notice. 

June 19, 2020

Maple Avenue Family, 


In May church leadership shared a projected date for relaunch of in-person worship for the last Sunday of June.  Due to several concerns within the church council, the group decided to further postpone the worship relaunch.  


We are currently working to secure necessary sanitation supplies for our sanctuary.  Furthermore, we are working to upgrade equipment and infrastructure so that members and visitors alike can live stream worship in the event that they do not feel comfortable attending worship in person.  Finally, we are working to refine our congregation’s plans and train volunteers and staff regarding safe practices for gathering.   


This is our current relaunch plan:  Digital worship will continue through July 5 for all members and visitors.   On July 12 worship will be live streamed.  Worship that day will only be attended by select church leaders and greeters in an attempt to “test” all new procedures and equipment for worship.  Then, on July 19*, in-person worship will continue for everyone, provided that you are healthy and are able to abide by the expectations listed below.  Following July 19* you will be able to choose whether you worship online or in person.  


Please know that once worship resumes things will be very different from gatherings in the past.  Healthcare experts caution that gathering in a sanctuary for worship is one of the most dangerous activities people can do.  Therefore, we have implemented strict guidelines for all gathering at Maple Avenue’s campus to help ensure our church family and visitors can gather safely.  Please understand that these plans only work if everyone agrees to abide by them.   


I speak for the church council when I say thank you for your continued dedication and patience during the outbreak.  This is not what any of us expected at the start of 2020; however, with everyone’s help we can use this as an opportunity for growing God’s kingdom.  


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  


As always, it’s a joy to be your pastor.  May we all keep safe and stay faithful, 




* We are closely monitoring the data and recommendations we are getting from health officials regarding relaunch.  Dramatic shifts in health data may require further adjustments to our relaunch schedule.   



Sunday Schedule 

Sunday School at 9:45 AM 

Worship at 11 AM 

Maple Avenue United Methodist Church

63 Maple Avenue | Marietta, GA 30064