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  • Masks Optional:   Health officials encourage masks when inside. If wearing a mask helps you feel more comfortable in worship, please do so.

  • Distanced Seating is Available.  Sections of distanced seating is available on either side of the sanctuary.  Please look for open pews in those areas, and please respect the space of those sitting there. 

  • Respect the Space of Others.  At this time some may feel comfortable with a handshake or hug.  Others may not.  Please be open in sharing your comfort level and respect the decisions of others. 

  • Online Worship is Available.  We encourage those who may feel uncomfortable in a public space to worship online.  The link is included below. 

  • If You Are Feeling Sick:  If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 please stay home and join us through our live stream.  

  • If You Get Sick:  If you attend a church function and later develop symptoms, please contact the church office or Josh directly.  We will keep your information private while notifying others around you of your being sick.  

  • Monitor Church Emails and Messages:  Plans and protocols may change.  If they do, you will be notified through additional church communications.

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