• Medically Fragile:  If you or someone in your household are part of the medically fragile community, we strongly encourage you to continue worshipping online as we refine our in-person gatherings.  Furthermore, if you are 65 or over without underlying conditions, please carefully consider your decision to participate in in-person gatherings at the church.  We love you and your family and do not want you to subject yourself to danger.

  • Monitor Your Health:  If you, or someone in your family is showing symptoms of COVID-19 (Cough, Sneezing, Fatigue and Fever) or has come into contact with someone who is sick Stay Home!  Furthermore, if you have been sick please wait the prescribed 14 days from the time your last symptoms subsided. We love you and want you to have opportunities to worship; however, we also want to keep others in the congregation safe. 

  • Social Distancing:  When you do come to church, you will be expected to maintain a healthy distance from other households (Minimum of 6 feet).  We realize you will want to catch up, but it’s important that we stay apart.  This includes being in the sanctuary, the sidewalks and the parking lot.  I am encouraging all of you to hold each other accountable to social distancing.  Doing so is truly a way of loving one another at this point.  

  • Masks:  You are expected to wear a mask when on the church campus.  Please bring your own mask, and if you forget yours, we will provide you with one.  Remember, masks are for your friends and family at the church more than they are for you. 

  • Hand Washing/Sanitization:  We encourage you to bring your own sanitizer and use it as you enter and after you touch any common surfaces.  We will also have sanitization stations in strategic locations throughout the building. 

  • Follow Entrance, Seating, Exit Directions:  As mentioned earlier, we will be practicing strict social distancing.  In order to maximize the effectiveness of distancing we will be asking people to sit in specific areas.  Please, stay in your seats and then exit as directed.  We realize you all have your favorite seats.  Use this relaunch as a way of expanding your seating horizons when in worship!  Also know, that seating preferences are given to group size, not order of arrival.  

  • Restrooms:  If you need to use a restroom, please use the ones on the sanctuary level, immediately behind the choir loft.  Restrooms will be single occupancy only and we ask that you use a Clorox/Lysol wipe to sanitize handles, knobs, etc before leaving so that the space is ready for the next person.   

  • Singing:  Due to research that indicates singing, especially indoor singing, highly increases the spread of the virus, we will not engage in congregational singing when we return and we ask that you find other ways of responding to worship (i.e. clap, stomp, raise your hands, etc). 

  • Bring Your Bible: All printed materials have been removed from the pews, including bibles.  Please bring your own print bible or digital bible to follow along.  

  • Childcare:  At this time, there will be no nursery or children’s church available during worship.  We ask that families come together, worship together and leave together.  

  • Tithes and Offerings:  There will not a formal offering time during the worship service. We ask that you leave your donations in designated baskets at the entrance/exits of the sanctuary.  If possible, please consider making donations online or by check.  

  • Sign Up: In order to ensure adequate space for distancing, we need to know how many people are attending worship each Sunday.  We ask that sign up to let us know you are coming. If necessary, we may have to add additional worship services or we may ask members to alternate between worshipping online and in-person from week to week. 

Sunday Schedule 


Worship at 11 AM (With Restrictions due to COVID-19)

Maple Avenue United Methodist Church

63 Maple Avenue | Marietta, GA 30064