Sunday Worship Plans: Worship on Jan. 17 and 24 will be Live Stream Only.  Due to the continuing rise of COVID in our community the church council has decided that not hosting gatherings at this time is the wisest decision for our congregation/community. 

Read Through the Bible in 2021:  We have started our 2021 goal of reading through the Bible.  Below you can find the readings for the next 7 days. 
            Week 2
            Day 4 (Today):  Genesis 20—21; Psalm 15
            Day 5:  Genesis 22—23; Psalm 16
            Day 6: Genesis 24—25; Psalm 17, 18
            Day 7:  Genesis 26—27; Psalm 19
            Week 3
            Day 1 (Sunday):  Genesis 28—30
            Day 2:  Genesis 31—33
            Day 3:  Genesis 34—36; Psalm 20

Sanctuary/Livestream Improvements:  Our council is currently collecting estimates to repair an electrical issue with our lighting in the sanctuary.  Leadership is also making improvements to our livestream equipment to offer a more stable stream that will also allow viewers to more clearly see those participating in worship.  If you are interested in contributing to these projects you can do so by giving to the Sanctuary Fund online or by check.  Online givers please select “Sanctuary Fund.”  Those giving checks please mark your check for “Sanctuary.”

January-February 2021 Upper Room:  The January-February 2021 Upper Rooms are located in the Narthex.

Stretching with Annie:  How are you staying healthy during quarantine? According to doctors in an article in the Atlanta Journal there are 5 easy things to do to stay healthy.
1. Stretching (I was surprised that it wasn’t exercise, but STRETCHING)
2. Standing up and walking around every 30 minutes (use commercials or a timer to remind yourself)
3. Drinking water (drink lots)
4. Finding a group activity that you enjoy with others to keep you motivated.
5. Work out your brain (sudoku, crosswords, jeopardy - whatever you love to work out your brain.

If you do these daily (okay maybe every OTHER day) your body and brain will love you.
Speaking of stretching, I am going to be teaching a stretching class on line (zoom) twice a week from Maple Avenue. Tuesday and Friday mornings. 10 am. You can wear any comfortable clothes. The only equipment you need is a study chair (so you don’t fall). I’ve been teaching these classes live for four years but had to stop during Covid. This way we can start on line (yes, you can learn how to zoom) and hopefully when the disease abates, we can start meeting at the church.
Challenge yourself. It can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days for a person to form a new habit and an average of 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic. Let’s do this!

Digital Fellowship Hour:  Each Sunday at 2 PM we host a digital fellowship time on ZOOM. If you are interested in participating, log on to ZOOM and use the following information:  Meeting ID 163 447 183 and Passcode 30064. 

January-February 2021 Upper Room:  The January-February 2021 Upper Rooms are located in the Narthex.


Read Through the Bible Gathering:  We will have a Zoom gathering this Wednesday at 7 PM to check in and discuss our first full week's worth of reading. Make sure to check your Wednesday email for more information or contact the church office. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Information:  If you are 65+ you may soon be able to schedule a vaccine.  Go to the health department's site for more information. 

Travis Released A New Song:  Travis just released a new song, "Spirt of the Lord"  You can find it on YouTube.

Sunday Schedule 


Worship at 11 AM (With Restrictions due to COVID-19)

Maple Avenue United Methodist Church

63 Maple Avenue | Marietta, GA 30064