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Giving to Maple Avenue using your Credit Card, Debit Card or Checking Account is a safe and convenient way to support the ministries of our congregation.  Currently, Maple Avenue UMC uses Vanco Payments as our online processing company. 


To give online, visit  This address will redirect you to secure online giving page set up by Vanco Payments for Maple Avenue UMC.  The page will no longer say  You will now be on a page with the address: eservicepayments.  That page will look like the image below.  










From this page, select which fund you wish to give to and specify the amount you wish to give.  If you want to give to multiple accounts, you can do that as well.  Please note that if you are giving a memorial offering you must specify the person you are giving in memory of.  If you are giving to the Special offering fund you must specify which ministry or program you are giving to.  The page will not let you proceed if you do not specify.  


Once you select which fund(s) and how much to give, please select your Donation Frequency from the dropdown menu.  If you choose to give more than once, you will need to specify when the donations will start and end.  The page will always default to starting your donation on the current day that you are on the page. 


Once you make these selections please click continue.   You will be directed to the next page, which will look like the following image. 


















This second page will collect your contact information.  You will then need to select if you are giving using a credit/debit card, checking account or saving account.  Once you make that selection the page will adjust to collect the necessary information from you to process the transaction.  

From this same page you can choose to save your profile which is the same as creating an account with Vanco Payments to make giving easier in the future.  You do not need to create an account if you do not want to. 


Following your donation you will receive an email with details regarding your donation.  



As always, if you have any questions regarding online giving, please reach out to the church office.  We will be happy to help you.  

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