As many of you know, people 65 and older are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. However, you must have an appointment in order to receive it. If you are interested in the vaccine and are still struggling with getting an appointment you may find the following resources helpful in your efforts. We are grateful for Kathy Wooten and her work in putting this list together and for sharing her experience in working with the health department website.  

1. If your primary physician belongs to Wellstar, he/she should be able to go on the Wellstar "mychart" portal and request an appointment for a vaccination:  Here is a phone number you can call for Wellstar (770) 956-7827.

2. Emory is also offering vaccines to patients whose primary care physician is part of Emory:

3. Kroger and Publix are both offering the vaccine. Both book up quickly. Some have noted that Kroger will have more vaccines this week, so that may be a good place to check with. Here is the web address to use for Kroger:  Here is the web address for Publix: 

4.The URL will allow you to search by county to see who has been provided with vaccines.

5. Cobb Douglas Public Health  will be posting appointments Friday at 5:00 p.m. OR LATER.  They did that on Friday 1/15 and are apparently going to do the same Friday 1/22, per the current website. Here is the web address for the health department:

This is the resource Kathy used for her mom. Here is how she navigated the public health site:

  • I opened 6 to 7 browser sessions in Chrome so that I had 7 tabs. I kept refreshing each session looking for it to show available appointments.

  • For the first hour I kept either getting errors or the page noting all appointments had been filled for the week that just ended.

  • After an hour the page very suddenly noted all appointments were full for the upcoming week. I kept trying as I thought the fact that they filled 6,000 appointments, the number stated on the news that would be available here, in less than 1 minute was odd.

  • Eventually I got to the appointment calendar and it showed appointment times for some of the days. The first instance where I got through I clicked on several appointment times and got an error. The error tells you to refresh - DON'T REFRESH.  If you refresh it kicks you out. Just keep clicking on different appointment times on the days that show appointment times. I just kept trying different days and times until eventually one of the times was accepted. I got a confirmation on the website and then also got an email confirmation. 

  • It took me three hours to successfully secure an appointment and learn some of these tips along the way.

If you have additional questions please contact the church office and we can put you in touch with Kathy. Again, we are thankful for her making this list of resources and for sharing her experience using them. Finally, please be patient with technology and with the schedulers. There are many people who want the vaccine and resources are stretched thin.